Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My 2-year-old...

...likes to party.

... is obsessed with trains.
... smiles most of the time.
... blows his birthday candles out by fake sneezing. "Aaaaachhoooo" works just as good.
... finds frosting to be delightful.
... is a lollygagger until he knows I need him to stay close, like in a parking lot or a crowd of strangers. Then he makes a run for it.
... always eats his entire hamburger.
... is not so terrible - yet.


Bonnie said...

How cute! Happy Birthday Ethan:)

Anonymous said...

He is so delightful! It looks like he had fun!
Love, your Mum!

mckenzie said...

that's nice...i think we've reached terrible and we're not even at 2

Valerie said...

The cupcake looked yummy! Made me want to devour one also.
Ethan is so sweet. On Sunday he was walking down the stairs with Sophia saying, "Sophie, Sophie, Sophie."
I don't see how he could ever turn terrible.

robin said...

Happy birthday Ethan!!! Does he need a new train? I can use my 40% of coupons an thomas trains in Michaels.