Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Funny snow day

It was cold yesterday and we were bored, so we pulled out some old baby toys and played away.we decided to head outside...

... because Ethan had been begging all morning to "make snowman balls!!!"
We made just snowballs - be we had a lot of fun.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grandma Maughan goes to Washington

We were so lucky to have my mom come visit this last weekend. She got killer plane tickets because she left the day of the inauguration.
Ethan trying to impress Grandma right off the bat by flexing his oh-so-humongous muscles.
We planned on driving up to New York City on Friday, but Ethan's body temperature clocked in at 103.9 degrees the night before, so we canceled our hotel reservations and stayed home. It was a definite downer, but we found our own fun here. Like at the American History Museum, where we took photos of nothing but ourselves:
The First Lady exhibit was awesome (though brief). No photos allowed.

It was so cold here that we spent much of our time in our little apartment, sewing. I know, fun vacation right? Ethan tried his best to entertain.
Making faces at each other.
Action shot.
This is inside the Paper Source in Old Town Alexandria, where Ethan formed an instant bond with the fake bears. He kept hugging them and backed into their arms for photos.
Maybe we enjoyed a little too much of the molten chocolate dessert at the Chart House in Old Town.

We miss you, Mom!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas in Arlington

We stayed here for Christmas and had a really great time. Weeks before Christmas, we would ask Ethan what he wanted Santa to bring him and he would say, "bring Thomas." Neither of us remembers teaching him that so we knew he really wanted Thomas for Christmas.

A few days before Christmas I realized I hadn't been so excited for the big day since I was 10. I could not wait to see Ethan's reaction.

Santa didn't disappoint. And neither did Ethan. He was so excited about Thomas the Tank Engine.
Every morning since, the first thing Ethan says when I get him up is, "play Thomas."
These photos aren't in order but I'm too lazy to move them. On Christmas Eve, we went ice skating on the sculpture garden fountain. It was a beautiful night and the setting, sandwiched by the National Archives building and the National Mall, made it perfect. I was shocked to see little skates just Ethan's size. We took him out and he loved it. You can't really tell by his facial expression when he is skating (or Ryan is dragging him by his belt loops - see video) but the moment we stopped skating, he started kicking his feet and screaming like we were kidnapping him. So we skated (despite our hurting backs from leaning over the kid) until close.

And, of course, Ethan was not happy to go.

After skating, we went to see the trees and trains at the White House. There were too many people there, but it was still fun to be out doing stuff on Christmas Eve. We also went tubing that weekend. Tubing was not Ethan's favorite activity, but I'm blaming the extremely sticky man-made snow on that.
More photos will follow. We are having issues since we lost our camera charger and I accidentally erased every photo on our computer ;(. I'm still getting over it, but once I do, I'll be a blogging fiend.