Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ethan loves St. George and cousins!

We visited St. George for Thanksgiving and had so much fun. Ethan's favorite parts were......throwing rocks/jumping in puddles. He could spend all day doing that and would have had I not lugged his screaming body back inside every once in a while.

... hanging with cousins, especially Chase. Ethan would beg for Chase and try to play with him. But when it was the other way around, when Chase showed interest in playing with Ethan, he would run to me, terrified of Chase. This, of course, diminished as the trip wore on and I think Ethan finally got used to his awesome cousin, Chase.

... riding scooters. There was this paved little hill between condos that he loved speeding down. I will attribute this to his new obsession with Caden, his 12-year-old cousin, who hauled down that hill as fast as he possibly could (by himself, of course). Ethan still asks for Caden.

...playing on the rocks, though it was more like tripping on the rocks. At one point, someone said, "Whose child is that?" and I looked up the hill to see two little feet sticking straight up in the air. Aunt Robin went up and found Ethan laying at the bottom of a pile of rocks.
I can't stop thinking about this awesome trip. A big thanks to Ken and Judi for the awesome condos and to the entire Roe family for the great company!


robin said...

I think my exact words were- baby down! I'm glad Ethan really did love Caden because I think Caden was thinking he was hatn on him after the peaceful dinner we had with no kids.

Carly said...

Ethan may only be a little person, but he looks like a model in that last picture. That cracks me up.

rachel said...

I agree, he is totally pulling a model face.